IoT gateways

Programmable IoT Gateway Modems

IoT gateways

An IoT gateway is either a physical device or a software that connects the intelligent devices, controller, and sensors to the cloud. Data being to or from the cloud passes through the gateway. The gate is also referred to as a control tier. In some IoT networks, some sensors generate thousands of data points per second. In such networks the IoT gateway can be used as a preprocess the data locally (at the edge) before it is sent to the cloud. This minimizes the volume of data to be forwarded to the cloud which substantially reduces the response time and transmission costs.

IoT gateways also provide additional security for the network and the data it transports. By virtue of managing information flowing in both directions, it can protect the data from going to the cloud from leaks. It also protects IoT devices from being compromised by malicious outside attacks.

Programmable IoT gateways

Typical IoT gateways just send raw streams of data among the connected components through wireless or physical networks. They could also translate the information into a format that both the back-end servers and analytical application can understand.

Programmable IoT gateways, on the other hand, are able to analyze high-volumes of data while highlighting information deemed very relevant by the user. Users can also program them to send alerts when certain thresholds are exceeded. Their ability to offer data filtering decreases costs that would have otherwise been incurred in network traffic.

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There are numerous programmable gateways in the market. They include:

The FX30

The FX30 is a product of Sierra wireless. Its small and rugged programmable 3G/4G cellular gateway. It offers an integrated and secure embedded application environment that is integrated with the cloud. It enables swift, scalable and global deployments of IoT. Its Linux based programming environment makes it highly programmable. It’s 3G compatible enabling you to reach the global 3G/2G market with just a single product.

The GL8200 modem

The GL8200 is also a product of Sierra Wireless. It’s one of the world’s smallest ready-to-go cellular modems. It plugs into any IoT system and provides both 2G and 3G connectivity. It is designed to operate in harsh conditions. The GL8200 connects to the Airvantage IoT platform, this platform enables you to create deploy and manage your wireless IoT solutions.

There many vendors with large products portfolios when it comes programmable IoT gateways modems. You just have to find that which best matches your IoT applications.

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