LED Modules

LUXEON XR-TX Series LED Array Modules for LED Applications

The LED module is typically a plastic or ceramic fabric that has thermal control, mechanical support, and electromagnetic architectures to pair to the load side of a current source that is commonly a LED driver. In many implementations, one or more LED crisps or packages are mounted within the LED module, which may form part of the lighting unit. LUXEON XR-TX products are LED modules designed for lighting applications requiring high performance LED arrays installed on a robust and thermally conductive surface. These adaptable building blocks showcase 12 LUXEON TX LEDs on the MCPCB substrate and electrical components are engineered for easy system integration, faster time on the market, and industry-standard scopes. When used in conjunction with normal third-party optics and heat sink, LUXEON XR-TX will become a full IP66 solution. The power supply and the ANSI conventional base are not incorporated into the module, which means that it cannot be directly connected to the branch loop.

Features and benefits

  • Typical 3300 lumen output with 140 lm / W efficacy at 700mA and 85 ° C board temperature.
  • A number of CCT options that are available in 70CRI (4000K–5700 K).
  • 150 mm length x 45 mm width profile engineered for use with regular third-party optics.
  • Highest efficiency single perish diode showcases of the industry — LUXEON TX.
  • Uses Lumiled’s patented pick and position system, targeting specific LED data points to help best light quality uniformity, Vf and color control. 
  • One-stop shop for streamlined supply chain and faster time to market. 

 This module grid can use individual LEDs connected into a grid of rows and columns, or you can use a kit that has the LEDs strategically placed in a single package. What should be observed here is that the AVR pins are directly connected to the LED Array Module

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This is a number of hardware of this module:

  • LED array module
  • ATmel AVR ATmega644P
  • 40-pin DIP socket
  • 2 28-pin DIP sockets Prototype
  • PCB 10k ohm resistor.
  • 1 uF capacitor
  • strip pin header-12 pins total
  • misc wire


  • Architectural
  • High Bay
  • Streetlights
  • Tunnel
  • Low Bay
  • Outdoor

The Matrix Platform offers universally configurable LUXEON LEDs on specialized substrates, accessible in a virtually unlimited variety of options for any use. Rather than just buying binned LEDs, consumers may purchase LUXEON LEDs that fulfill their full design specifications on either a versatile or a rigid substrate — making them fit for deployment in their luminaire setup. This proprietary circuitry technique allows LEDs to imitate the dry, yellow dimming pattern that is the hallmark of halogen bulbs by manipulating both a warm and a cool LED with two sensors that work effortlessly with basic single-channel drivers.Desirable for interior and accent lighting, this innovative technology enables manufacturers to ration the luminosity of each fixture to produce the desired warm impact on darkening.

Connectivity and Controls

This advanced feature enable lighting architects to market state-of – the-art luminaries that can be remotely controlled using apps or other devices.To responsibly tackle connectivity requirements in the IoT (Internet of Things) era, Lumileds has utilized driver-based integration methodologies to pioneer state-of – the-art communication and control technologies.

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