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Connectors are the backbone of machine to machine communication. Electronic connectors are electro-mechanical devices whose purpose is to quickly and easily join electrical terminations hence creating electrical circuits. They create connections between cables, circuit boards, and electronic components. At Enrgtech, we offer numerous connectors of a variety of shapes, sizes, complexities and quality levels. Their design is dictated by the purpose the connector serves. The other accompanying features are geared towards easy connection, mating, durability and insulation between pins. Connectors are often used in rugged conditions; hence they are constructed to provide protection from vibrations, water, extreme temperatures, dirt and a lot more.

Types of connectors

There are numerous types of connectors that can be used for a wide number of different applications. Discussed below, in no particular order, are some of the common types of connectors;

  • Power connectors;

As the name suggests, this type of connector is used to connect the power to things like the personal computers and other home and office equipment. It is arguably the most common connector’

  • Audio connectors

They are commonly known as the RCA plug and jack. They are two connectors used alongside a shielded cable and are used for connecting microphones and small speakers to audio amplifiers.

  • Telephone/Modular connectors

Modular connectors are used with Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cables. Examples of the modular connectors are the RJ12 (6-wire) and the RJ45 (8-wire). They are mostly used to connect the telephone to the network. They are inserted into their counterparts that are mostly affixed to the wall or baseboards.

  • BNC and UHF

The BNC cables are usually used with shielded cables, for instance, the RG-58 that is used to carry RF signals. It is unclear what BNC stands for. They have a center pin that is connected to the center cable and a metal tube that is connected to the outer cable shield. These connectors are common found in oscilloscopes and cable TV

  • D-Shell connectors

As the name suggests, these connectors were named after its characteristic D-shaped metal shield. This type of connector mostly consists of two parallel rows of connections. Since there is an odd number of pins on each D-Type connector, one row has one more pin than the other. The pins are surrounded by a metallic shield that provides mechanical support and protection while shielding against electromagnetic interference. The D-shaped metal also gives the connector the proper orientation when mating.

  • Edge Connectors

These are affixed to the circuit boards and consist of traces leading to the edge of the board. Matching sockets are plugged into these traces to establish connection

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Insulation Displacement Connectors

Insulation Displacement Connectors are designed to be connected to conductors of insulated cables via a process that forces selectively sharpened blades through the insulation, hence there is no need to strip the conductors before connection. These cables have been designed to withstand high power and harsh environment. These connectors are mostly used with ribbon cables and are mostly used to power components

Whichever cable you are looking for, you can count on Energtech’s vast stock to cater for your needs. We have high-quality cables at the best prices the market has to offer.

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