5 Types of Computer Ports and Their Functions

Computer port is a point through which we connect peripheral devices like mouse, keyboard, monitor, speaker etc. with the computer. Its main function is that it acts as a point of connection to plug in the devices in the computer and allows data transmission. As it allows data to flow from device to device, it is also known as a communication port. Generally there are two types of ports in computers that are, serial ports and parallel ports. These can be identified on the basis of protocols used for communications by these electronic components

A serial port is a point of connection where the peripheral devices can be connected by a serial protocol and the data flows one bit at a time through a single communication line. A parallel port a is a point of connection that connects the devices to the computer in a parallel manner, which means the flow of data occurs using more than one communication line.

Types of Computer Ports

PS/2 Connector

PS/2 connector is a type of connector that connects peripheral devices like keyboard and mouse. It was developed by IBM and they introduced it with their personal system/2 series computers that is why is called PS/2 connector. With the color codes you can identify which port is for which device. As purple is for keyboard and green for the mouse. The PS/2 consists of 6 pins and is a DIN connector. Even though they both are the same besides the color the computer will not recognize the device if connected to the wrong port.

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Serial ports

Serial ports refers to an interface that is compliant with RS-232 standard. There are 2 types of serial ports present on a computer; DB-25 and DE-9. DB-25 were developed as the main ports for serial connections and is a D-Sub connector. It is the original port for RS-232 serial communications. DE-9 is a D-sub connector with an E shell and allows full duplex communication with between the computer and its peripheral devices.

Audio Ports

With audio ports you can connect audio output devices with the computer. The ports and its corresponding connectors differ on the basis of whether the audio signals are analogue or digital. 3.5 mm TRS connector is used to connect headphones to the computer. There is 6 connector system is present on all computers.

Video Ports

Video ports like VGA port is present in many computers, high definition TVs and projectors etc. It is a D-Sub connector and consists of 15 pins spread over 3 rows and is known as DE-15 connector. VGA port is the connection between computer and CRT monitors. They are now being replaced by HDMI cables. DVI is another video port that acts as an interface between a computer and a monitor.

RCA Connector

RCA connectors can carry three cables and are used to carry audio, video and stereo signals. The three connectors are red, yellow, and white. Analogue video signals are transmitted through the yellow RCA connector. The red and white ports are used to carry Stereo and audio signals. Electronic components like connectors can be changed time to time.

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