5 Common Types of Sensors Found in IoT Devices

IoT has brought great revolution in every field. By connected to the internet information can be collected and transferred and devices can be controlled remotely. This leads to efficiency in work as well as daily lives. Sensors are an important part of IoT devices that collects information from the surrounding environment and puts it into use. Different IoT applications require different sensors. Therefore, there are many different types of sensors for different purposes and you would have to know the function of each to know which one you really need. You can find these sensors in electronic components store. We will take a look at a few of the most common sensors used in IoT sensors.

Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors are the type to sense of measure the amount of heat that a device releases. They can be used in many sectors like agriculture, manufacturing even at home for devices like refrigerators and air conditioners. In manufacturing process it can be used to check the temperature of machines and in agriculture to check the temperature of soil etc. Some common temperature sensors include integrated circuits, thermistors, thermocouples etc. You can find all of these at an electronic components UK store.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are another commonly known type of sensor. This type is mainly used for security purposes but other than that also has many other uses. For example they are used in automatic doors, automatic parking systems, in energy managing systems etc. these sensors can be used in IoT devices and their activity is easily monitored from your phone or computer. An example of a well-known motion sensor could be C-SR501 passive infrared (PIR) sensor.

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Gas Sensors

Electrochemical, ionization and semiconductor technologies are most commonly used by these sensors. Gas sensors as the name indicates detects gases but the toxic ones. Now as technology is advancing day by day there are many gas sensors that can work for both wired and wireless IoT devices.

Image Sensors

These sensors are found in advanced cameras, clinical imaging frameworks, night-vision hardware, warm imaging gadgets, radars, sonars, media house and biometric frameworks. In the retail business, these sensors are utilized to screen clients visiting the store through IoT organization. In workplaces and corporate structures, they are utilized to screen representatives and different activities by the use of IoT sensors found in IoT devices. You can find such sensors in electronic components store.

Pressure Sensors

Pressure sensors are commonly used to detect pressure signals and are monitored through IoT devices. There is a certain threshold level in every device and when the pressure exceeds that threshold level the senor detects it and signals the user to fix the problem. These sensors can be used in many thing for example in mobile phones, outdoor equipment, in smart cars and aircrafts etc. in each of these the pressure sensors perform a unique function for every device but its common as detecting pressure. For example in vehicles it detects the tyre pressure and when it’s too low it signals the driver. These sensors can be found in electronic components store.



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