TE Connectivity Nector M power connector

TE Connectivity Nector M power connector

TE Connectivity Nector M power connector solution has announced its newly upgraded NECTOR M power system. The power system solution is designed to comply with the UL 1977 directives in conjunction with IEC 61535 standards. TE has just premiered a five-position divider that offers power, signal and regulate connection alternatives for numerous lighting and electrical appliances.

TE’s NECTOR M Power System solution is a completely configurable, compact wiring connector and ducting system for the construction industry for illumination and perpetual indoor electrical operations. Its round design decreases installation time significantly, particularly in almost any indoor installation relative to rectangular connector systems. The upgraded system offers electrical service manufacturers with the ability to design, design and build off-site electrical distribution systems, electrical appliances and cable assemblies, resulting in lower labor costs on site, greater efficiency and improved performance for established electrical installations

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  • Multi-functional modular system reduces installation time, on-site labor costs and waste. 
  • Same size knocks out diameter for a multi-position 5, 6 and 7 pole connector system, allowing design reliability.
  • Circular form factor requires less space and facilitates easy field installation (with NECTOR M sealed) and simplifies routing during installation.
  • Reduces the risk of building sites for health and safety.
  • Closed barrel pin & crimped socket terminals


  • IP Seal Level: IP67 (M Sealed NECTOR)
  • Value 600VAC UL.
  • -40oC to 85oC operating temperature
  • Operating voltage: IEC value of 400VAC
  • IP Seal level: IP20 (NECTOR M).

The design employed; multi-pole, keyed, modular cable system is ideal for lighting designers, contractors and OEMs requiring more versatility in the distribution of power to different lighting systems and other prevalent electrical appliances within buildings. The availability of wall sockets and dividers makes it much easier to customize the model during installation, but it also makes it easy to modify the system when refurbishing or upgrading the lights. The multi-branch circuit function simplifies wiring in the facilities and simplifies the routing during construction relative to the rectangular electrical connection. The NECTOR M Power System offers different design options for lighting luminaire. The three-pole power systems are suitable to be used in light fixtures for ceilings, walls, pendant and decor that necessitate ground connection in multiunit condos.

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  • Residential
    • Retail display
    • Emergency
    • Entertainment and off-grid
    • Factory-built construction
    • Architectural
    • Commercial
    • Greenhouse lighting
    • Street lighting
    • Industrial

Power Distribution

  • Commercial office/retail buildings
    • Residential
    • Pre-fabricated building
    • Hotels
    • Schools
    • Hospitals
    • Shipbuilding

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