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Cinch Connectivity Solutions 101

Cinch Connectivity Solutions offers high-quality, high-performance, fixed long as well as semi-rigid DC-to-50 GHz wires and custom solutions as an integrated supplier. Their product lines have tailor-made solutions to address the both challenging and dynamic demands. Aerospace, military, wireless communications, network data, test as well as measurement devices, telecommunications, broadcasting, and medical services, oil and gas, and several other harsh environmental applications are well covered by Cinch Connectivity’s components. Cinch Connectivity Solutions seeks to bring unparalleled service to the full range of industries it serves, in conjunction with the power of our member company Bel Fuse Inc.

In 2018, both military and retail divisions experienced steady growth in the CCS market, with revenues improved for distribution in all regions. Moreover, with new military awards, including commercial air growth, value-added distribution rebounded considerably over 2017.

Cinch has added several Trompeter cable assemblies on the shelf with MIL-STD-1553 cables, from one to ten feet long, with common Twinax cable M17/176-0002. The most widely used TRB and TRS connector settings are connected with these cable assemblies. This first deal focuses on the common lengths, cable as well as termination configurations utilized nowadays in MIL-STD-1553B systems. The Trompeter Fixed-Length Cable Assemblies are an industry leader for MIL-STD-1553 interconnection solutions and broaden the scope of Cinch products on stock across our world-class distribution network.

Further increase in 2018 was possible through funding essential military programs in all branches.

In weapons, encryption, field-deployed communications as well as radar systems with substantial gains.


The weapons have seen a steady increase in Aim-9X, Patriot, and Hellfire rockets. In radar applications, continued growth and implementation of fiber is a growing field in the military space.

The transport sector continued to expand during 2018 with trucking as well as agriculture applications. The petroleum and natural gas industry have not yet recovered. The future is likely to result in industrial space development for a longer-term due to the convergence of market-leading edges, including 5 G, robotics and automation, and the Internet of Things.

New product development for CCS focused on next-generation modular rectangular aerospace plugs as well as custom-made solutions from essential programs like JSF, MFoCS, and F16 for our strategic military customer segment. These products will further strengthen our strong position in 2019 with a secure funding and growth potential for critical programs and platforms.

Harsh, environmentally sound optical fiber devices, and copper centered solutions are still the focus of our product development activity for our OEM clients and new standard products for our distributors grappling with the evolving 5 G industry.

Striking Ingenuity Milestones:

  1. 1917-Founded as an automobile as well as an engineering company in Chicago.
  2. 1940s-Acquires Howard B Jones Company, famous for its “Jones Plugs.”
  3. The 1960s – Cinch enters into a partnership with Boeing, offering Omega Circular Connectors used for the 727 aircraft.
  4. The 1970s – Cinch flies with Orbitor 101 from Edwards Air Force Base, CA. Dura-Con ® is being used in the primary engine ste system.
  5. 1980s-Provided mil-spec specialized connectors as well as wire harnesses to big defense contractors (relations that Cinch retains nowadays)
  6. The 1990s – Provides Z Axix compression contacts to the world’s largest high-speed computer companies like Cray, IBM, and SUN – Develops ModICE ® enclosures used in the manufacturing, building, and transport industries.
  7. The 2000s – Fuel Quantity Indication System (FQIS) is planned and built for commercial aircraft manufacturers.
  8. 2012 – Acquires Fibreco Limited, broadening the product portfolio to include harsh environmental optical products.
  9. 2013-Acquires Array Connector, extending the selection of cylindrical connectors like M26482, M5015, custom filtered as well as miniature circular connectors as well as rectangular aerospace connectors
  10. 2014 – Bel Fuse Inc. acquires Emerson Network Power Connectivity Solutions and joins Cinch Connectors to build Cinch Connectivity Solutions.
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